Welcome :D

newly newted
with 10 apple emate 300, os 2.1, not upgraded
in school classroom with imac as main internet connected computer
NOT an early IrDA one, unfortunately

also have standalone 2x lc575's

have 2mb linear flash card
phonenet connectors..about 7
pers laserwriter printer
epson color 740i printer

getting NCU cdrom..have only demo

suggestions for lowest budget hardware to connect
send receive and print files and applications

essential grade 1 to 3 programs?

i have figured out how to get batteries recharging after storage
have been told farallon iprint adapter LT will do what i need
also asante localtalk to ethernet bridge

have ibm type win 2000 at home
any suggestions there?

have seen post abt software websites

and so do my kids...
There exist Newton Connection Utils for the Mac and the PC (windows).

I have the mac version here at home.
Check out the "newton cage" in my other post in this forum and they have the connection utils.

I have not checked the Connection utils with neither win2000 not OS X (lol I guess it's time to do so, dont you think? :p)

On printing, if you have an IrDA printer, check out and see if there are drivers around for it for the newton then you can use that to print. Else I guess you can set up a small network of newts (with ethernet PCMCIA cards) and have them connected via network to a printer.

Cheap hardware ? check ebay, but the problem is that they do not have stuff in large quantities. I have 2 memory PCMCIA cards, one 2MB one and one 12MB one.

And finally programs for grade 1 to 3 .... you got me there,
How about games ;) lol .. I have a lot of em on my 2100 :p
Newtonworks is an obvious choice I think, teach those littel critters how to type, they can also draw (using the notepad).
The program called "lexionary" was made public (free) by the company for the newton (its an english dictionary)...Hmmm cant think of anything else just yet.

You can also have basic internet with Netwscape or Nethopper, of yourse you will need the Newton Internet Enabler (version 2.0) to get online.

Also what might give your kids a kick is the program Neko, it has a little cat running around the screen lol

The least expensive connecting hardware is the phone-net connectors and as much phone cable as you need to reach from your computer to your eMates.

This system permits a daisy-chain or linear bus topology which is great for eMates in the classroom.

I believe that NCU will permit you to connect up to 8 or 10 eMates at one time via either serial (as in the case of the phonenet/localtalk connections) or ethernet connections (you would need ethernet cards, Category 5 cables, the software drivers for your particular card, and a hub to make this work).

However there is one caveat, the printer that you put in this chain must be a local-talk printer. Your Personal Laserwriter may be such but I don't own one.

There is a keyboarding tutor application which name escapes me at the moment.

My own children (ages 7) love Works for writing and drawing, and of course games like battleship (they can play head-to-head via infrared with two eMates), solitaire and desdemona.
A newton 110 for a song on eBay. Going to post the cheque in a bit, so expect me appearing here a bit more often trying to find out how to use the damn thing.
He he a newton with OS version 1.3:rolleyes:
When you get it come on by ;)

(any 2000 or 2100 models left on ebay ? I saw LOTS of 120s but not that many 2000 or 2100 when I was looking...they are selling like hotcakes :p)

Just been trying to teach it my scrawl...

I've not seen anything higher than a 130 on eBay in the UK. There was a 2100 on the US site yesterday, going for about $300 though...

Am I going to find the OS version limiting? Where would you suggest an absolute Newton beginner to start looking for interesting things?
Take a look at my newton links page.
That is a good page to start off.

Also if you want software fo to www.planetnewton.com (which tells you which software is compatible with which vesion of the newton OS).
Also check out www.unna.org

I have never used the 1.3 version of the OS, I stared off with a newton 120 with OS version 2.0. The 130 is like a newton 120 (OS version 2.0) but with backlight as well.

I wanted a 2100 and it was HARD to find! I bought it from a guy from england for $350. A 110 is good for a beginer :)