Welcome to the forum.


This is not a forum to learn Unix. There are two others on this site for that.

This is a specialized forum to discuss networking brought over from unix that has now been integrating into Mac OSX.

Some examples of software/protocols/standards that have been ported are:

SSH (secure shell),
NIS (Network Information Systems),
NetInfo (NeXT's super cool, very interesting, not widely used directory services system)
Kerberos (almost ready)
Macintosh Ease of USE

Some of these things are tied directly into the opertating system behind the scenes. Like NetInfo. In fact, when you log into your machine, it is accessing a local NetInfo database to verify you, and give you your home directory.

Also if you go to the sharing control panel and click "share files with others" SSHD is turned on (also behind the scenes).

Mac OSX is a very interesting AND VERY VERY young project that incorporates the complexity of Open Source (BSD) Unix, and the made to order commercial aspect of it's previous, and very innovative OS. The result, is an evolution in software, and it because of it's ease of use, it deserves study, practice, respect and use.

The only way to do the above comes through educating one's self. This forum is open so that all of the Sysadmins out there, or multiple computer users can learn and discuss Unix Style Networking on Mac OSX (and BEYOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).
we are one step closer to ^^"BEYOND!!!!!".

10.1 is out.

Some quick notes:

LDAP client services are now supported in the DIrectory services app in /Applications/Utilities

NetInfo has been given a slight upgrade (1.0-1.2)

Samba is now operational and built-in.

Slight security issue in iDisk through WebDAV (www.macnn.com)

New KERNEL!!! 1.4.1 !! Very nice.