Finally...a forum I can actually be smart in. :D
Actually if anybody has any questions concerning OS X games I'm your man to come to! I've got detailed lists of upcoming releases, inside reviews/previews, and I go out and buy every game for OS X...so I'm basicly an inside man.

True, true.
You can expect some awsome games (Halo, Unreal 2, THPS 3) to be released in March (2002). The best games will start popping up around January (2002) and we'll see them continue to pop up until at least April.
Need more info? Don't be afraid to ask!
Yo. anyone know if i can get UT carbonized somehow? it really sucks to have to go back to OS9 to play that... and it's too slow to be emulated under Classic (i tried once, but never actually saw it finish loading).
That'd be really sweet to be able to keep the SETI at home thing going while still playing UT.
The president of Westlake Interactive is working on it in his spare time. He originally said that it would come out about a month ago, but my guess is that he's waiting for X.I to be released before releasing it (this would certainly help with relevant bug reports). I'm looking forward to it, too, but mainly because that would increase the chances of seeing Deus Ex get carbonized (this is a long shot, but dang it'd be sweet.)
An updater for UT has been rumered to be released sometime next month. Which I know will make us all very happy chimps! :)

Dues Ex won't be carbonized. From what i've heard. :(
Like I said, it was a long shot. It's not that big a deal, since the game already took away four weeks of my life that I'll never get back (and don't want it, either. It was great.) Now that networkings finally in their, it's a pitty not to play it every once in a while, though.
9.2.1 is so much faster in games i cant understand why they say osx is a good gameplattform when it feels like taking a step back in time when it comes to prestanda 9.2.1 is like 40% faster almost
and the mouse in osx really sux impossible to play with..
so i will keep my games in 9.2.1
I've found most games in OS X to be better, but that's only testing Quake, Quake III, and the Sims. There are quite a few reasons why Mac OS X makes a better platform, for both developers and players:

For developers, crashing is long gone, making porting and new game development time come way down.

For gamers, file loading is much faster (and ergo, so is game loading), memory management is not something to concern one's self with anymore, and I personally find the games faster in general.
Wait till the official release of X.1! When you get it your games will speed up for sure! :)
Yeah, Apple claims something like a 20% speed boost in OpenGL. I wouldn't mind that, since my hardware isn't getting any faster.
Im running 10.1 5G64 and i dont think the GM will be faster.

Q3 timedemo with the same tweaks

9.2.1 250fps
5G64 145fps (it drops deep down in heavy situations)

I dont think 20% faster OpenGL will fix that its something else and how are they gonna fix the mouse situation.It feels like reversed mouseacc.
And thats not fun to play with.
For starters: the Q3 demo has problems, we all know it. I assure you at least a 30% pickup in 10.1 in the full game.
it is still 50-60 fps after classic so then its not that great i think.to bad
well maybe they will do something one day to make the "GOD OS "
keep upp with classic in these tasks.