Well... OSX.1 seems to know I have a CD-RW... and yet... nothing.


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I have a Sony Spressa USB CD-RW. Under OSX it wasn't even recognized by the computer. However, in X.1 the system profiler... there it is. All the data looks correct. But iTunes can't find it, and putting in a blank disc doesn't give me the option of burning to it like I hear it should. Any thoughts? Why can the OS see it in the profiler but it doesn't do any good? It is on the list of supported iTunes drives BTW.

What model of Sony Spressa USA CD-RW do you have? I had the CRX100E (X2) and although the System Profiler "saw" the drive, it didn't list the Firmware or other info. It just said it was connected. I gave up and bought a Que! Firewire drive that works great under OS 10.1.
Sounds familiar. My profiler doesn't show the firware of anything either, just the drive.

The odd thing is this. The drive is a Sony Spressa CRX100E (or at least that's what the sticker on the bottom says). The profiler reports is as being a CRX120E. The 100 is supported by OSX, the 120 is not. So I guess that's why I'm not getting it to work with OSX. I don't really feel like throwing down $$ on a new CDRW when the one I have should work. I have a Windows box and it works with that, it's just a pain to have to transfer files over if they're on my Mac. USB support in OSX seems really weak. I know they're trying to move everyone towards firewire, but it still seems like they should do a better job supporting the format they made so popular.
I use a sony CDX145E and it's always worked with Apple's software.

Don't know if you'd want to but you could try removing it from the usb case and replacing the optical drive on your machine with it to see if its the drive's problem or the usb bridge's problem.. would void the warranty on the drive but might be worth it to be able to burn.

I did something similar, my drive was firewire but for some strange reason the sony fw enclosure stopped working so I removed the drive and replaced the one in my tower with it. Wish I could get the enclosure to work, no broken parts on it or anything, was out of warranty anyway, least now I can burn.
I've got a problem that's weirder still. :) I have a LaCie Plextor CD-RW. It shows up in Apple System Profiler. In system profiler it says that apple disc burning is supported. I can burn data CDs in 10.1! (I couldn't burn anything under 10.0.x) I still can't burn audio CDs from iTunes, though. It lets me try, and it goes through it's whole business of preparing the tracks, but then it tells me that the burn failed because of an "unknown error". Does anyone know what the problem might be or if there's a fix?