Went to Apple Store, Checked Out iPod nano


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I'm counting down ... 31 days until I have my iPod nano! I'm SO psyched! Went to the Apple store today and actually saw one and held one and played with one in person. I think I'm in looooove. The black nano looked really cool in the online photos, but I gotta tell ya ... after seeing them in person, I'm definitely going with the white. I think the black one looks kind of tacky and like a regular MP3 player. The white one just screams: "I'm an Apple iPod!"

Has anyone gotten one of these yet? Happy? (And if you're not, keep it to yourself. Don't crap on my nano parade.)
I didn't grab one yet, but I did chat with someone today who I saw had one. He replaced his 4th gen 20GB with a 4GB Nano and loves it. His little brother is also happy...he's now the owner of the 20GB one.

I may grab a black one afterall and leave it attached to the radio in the SUV. Black would match the interior (charcoal) better and I think the Nano would be easier to hide out of sight than a normal iPod. That's the only reason I'd get the black one though.
I only got my mini a few months ago but I'm thinking about getting one. :(

Personally I would go for a white one without the personalized laser engraving as it sometimes decreases the value when you come to sell it and as I've learned with mac's, it's sometimes VERY hard to resist buying newer/ better models so you probably will sell it on at some point.

If you for example have Amie etched into the back it could put 'Dave' off. :)
Reality said:
So which version did you get? :) Get a laser inscription to by chance?
I didn't get one yet. As I said, my birthday isn't for another ... *gasp!* ... four weeks from today! But when that day does roll around I will be getting the white 2GB (500 songs) for $199. Oh boy, I can't wait ... but I guess I'll have to. Come to think of it, this will be the first birthday that I'm actually looking forward to getting older ... 'cause this year I'll have my sweet iPod--it's worth being a year older. :D

A laser inscription? No! No one is taking a laser to MY iPod!!! :eek: