wget command gone!


I have a 10.1 installation. I am trying to install some unix tools such as fink and xfree86. The fink installer script uses an unix command called wget, various sites on the net state that it is included in every mac os x installation. However, when i type wget (url) i get a command not found error. When i browse to my /bin folder the wget command isent there. my man pages have no entry for it. wget --info doesnt do anything, either.

How can this be? Can I install it separately? Im opposed to installing my 10.1 again as ive allready have done a fair amount of customising my 10.1 installation, and I dont want to screw it...
10.1 dropped wget in favor of curl. curl does about the same thing as wget. You can download the source for wget and compile it for yourself (sorry, don't have where the source is at offhand).
Thanks for the quick reply. I guess i need the dev tools on os x to compile wget?

wouldnt copying the 10.0 wget binairy do the trick?
Apparantly, none of that was necessary. Ive used the updated binairies of fink...worked like a charm...

got bash to use my .bashrc file, now moving on to getting Xserver to work...

still erroring though...

Fatal server error:
assert failed on line 454 of darwinKeyboard.c!

Quitting XDarwin...

not giving up on this one...
This is how I got it to work, it works fine
Copied from http://www.mrcla.com/XonX/
XDarwin 1.0a3
This release is a minor bug fix update to XDarwin 1.0a2. It contains no new features and addresses bugs experienced by some users, particularly with respect to launching XDarwin from the Finder. If you are not having troubles launching XDarwin and are you not using multi-button mouse emulation, you do not need to update.

Bug Fixes:

* XDarwin would not start from the Finder if the user's preferences specified a display number other than 0.
* If X in /usr/X11R6/bin was not a soft link to XDarwinStartup, XDarwin would fail to start from the Finder.
* When starting from the Finder, the TERM environment variable was not set in the X clients login shell. This caused problems in some users' initialization files.
* When starting from the Finder, the SHELL environment variable was sometimes set incorrectly, even though the proper shell was launched.
* Pasting using mouse button emulation to fake mouse button 2 did not work reliably.
* (Cosmetic) It was possible to hide the Aqua menu bar in rootless mode, even though X11 could not draw on this area.

Installation Instructions

1. Make sure you have a working XFree86 4.1 installation.
2. Download the tarball XDarwin1.0a3.tgz.
3. sudo -s
4. cp XDarwin1.0a3.tgz /
5. cd /
6. gnutar zxvf XDarwin1.0a3.tgz
7. rm XDarwin1.0a3.tgz (optional)
8. exit