wget missing?


Some guy
I just installed 10.1 and now 'wget' returns : command not found. Very odd. Any idea how I can get it back?

Hmm - further looking shows that 'make' is "missing" too. any help appreciated while I look around


Red Phoenix

If you can't find wget, I'd suggest getting Fink. It'll allow you to install wget, among other things (and the version you can get with Fink is the most recent release).


usin UNIX since '92
Yes, you can always use Fink to compile and install Fink. To do that you'll need the development tools. I don't know if the current tools work or if there'll be and update available for download.

I was able to run the devtools old installer successfully, but I haven't tested them yet. Moreover, I am not sure about the effects of the upgrade on the UNIX-based software already compiled and installed.


Red Phoenix

I'm hoping the new Developer tools will be available for download after a month or two (assuming I can last that long), because I'm going for the free visit to the Columbus Apple retail store. I seem to remember something similar with the original release of OS X.

As for wget being replaced by curl, I'm glad because I've found I like curl more. I installed with Fink about a month ago, just because I could, and at least visually, it is much nicer.


According to Apple's latest Developer Connection newsletter the 10.1 Developer Tools will be available for download "early next week".