WGM: Can't Display Even-Numbered Computers, Can't Delete 'Em


PowerMac G4/533, MacOS/10.3.9, WGM/2.0.1

We have two problems in WGM:Accounts:Computers

1. In addition to the default "Guest Computers" and "Windows Computers", we have a third group -- "US Lab 602" -- which contains 24 computers (eMacs, if anyone cares), named "US Lab 01" through "US Lab 24". ONLY THE ODD-NUMBERED COMPUTERS ARE DISPLAYED IN THE GUI (although even-numbered computers were also added when the group was created).

2. I deleted the group "US Lab 602", and created a new group -- "Boca OSX". ADDING ODD-NUMBERED COMPUTERS (see #1) SUCCEEDS; ADDING EVEN-NUMBERED COMPUTERS FAILS (with the error message: "A computer with that description already exists in this or another list."

Any thoughts/suggestions?
"TFM" is our friend. I suspected that there was a problem with LDAP, so I opened the online documentation for Open Directory, and under "Maintenance and Problem Solving" I discovered Inspector.

Once I enabled Inspector, switching to the Computer pane displayed those pesky even-numbered hosts and I was able to delete them. The next step was to re-enter the MAC addresses and hostnames for all the computers in the group; now both odd- and even-numbered hosts displayed properly.