what about ATI's Radeon for G4Cube?



2 weeks ago i ordered a cube withe a radeon, throught the apple store.But the guys frome the apple store told me that the radeon doesn't work because of bugs with the system. I work especially with 3D softwares so i need this card. But i order the cube with ati rage pro 'cause i need a machine and can't wait solving the problem.

I would like to know if somebody have fresh informations about this problem...

i love my G4 and i like os X and pretty much everything apple makes. however, i can't stand apple as a merchant. they sell computers before they even have them working. they sell monitors they don't have. they promised os x sooner and they couldn't deliver. something is wrong here. this is a company that has good products but TERRIBLE service. and i think that is reflected in sales. i told my friends not to buy any hardware from apple the first several months it comes out. you'll just wait and wait and wait.