What about Real Audio?


Why haven't I heard anyone pissing and moaning about Real Audio Player for OS X? Is there a piece of software that I am unaware of that can play the .rm streams? Does that also have a browser plugin?

I think I'm missing something here.

It's been mentioned here before, but no, as far as anyone here knows, there's no way to listen to Real Player files.
I hope they make an OS X version soon. There are some streams out there I need RealPlayer for.
While I think RealPlayer on the PC acts more like a virus than anything else, it is important to recognize that there are a lot of things out there that are streamed in RealPlayer format and nothing else. I personally think it's a substandard format (Especially with video. Man that sucks), but it's been around the longest and isn't going away anytime soon.
Real Audio is out of date. It wastes memory and CPU times. The performance is not good at all. But it is really much more smaller than Microsoft format.
Real AUdio pretty much sucks but I use it :p
I was able to get a hold of a beta of teh producer software when it was public betaed and have been using that since to produce my files.

I dont have the $$ to invest in an encoding technology.
I dont want to use windows media, I tried quicktime but files seems to be really big. ANy idea if apple has a producer-like app to make streaming media ?

The closest I've seen is that QuickTime Pro allows you to export things in QuickTime streaming formats. Other than that, I'm not sure.

Any thoughts on sharing the wealth of the beta with us?

I agree the Real Audio is like a virus. Good god. What other piece of software tries to get your valuable contact information like 47 times before you are actually able to use it?!

However, not everyone on the web has realized that it's evil - and I need it. :-\
Real's strength is that their server software encodes real, qt and windows media player....

To get QT files small, media cleaner is the only real way - that or sorenson pro...

as far as real media... it has never been nice on a mac - marginally better ona pc... and qt understands how to play real audio files (from memory) - i know that final cut supports creating them...

neway... that's my 2c.

The beta requires OS 9 and the date to be set to 1998 :p (when I started making my web page :p).

I am not quite sure how legal it is to distribute a beta freely since Real inc no longer provides it on their site... any lawyers here ?

I would love to use QT streaming so long as:
1) It has a small file size (a 45min music mix is about 8MB in real)
2) "Cheap" QT encoder

IT seems though that real has proliferated on the net so maybe I am better off staying with real....for now -

It worked in 10.0.4 but was a pain in the ass. I can use RA Player in Classic, but there is no way to get a plugin to work on a OSX browser. I guess we just gonna have to wait this one out.