What about the dev-tools?


Does anyone know where to get developer tools that works with 10.1? 10.1 works nicely, but I cannot use it if I haven't access to CVS... :(
but are not yet there.

Developers have received the update in the Sept mailing.

This is the same as is being distributed as puma_5g64_tools.dmg in several illicit places which will remain forever nameless.

The read me on the disk should say Sept tools.
Developers, the ones that pay and get mailings, have already gotten it.

The online upload will be available only after teh update CD is posted, as far as I understand
So, why would they post the developer tools online only after they provide 10.1 for download? 10.1 for download is surely far away in time...

The current Dev tools on ADC are the ones from WWDC, and they took a few days to post after they were released on CD to the people at WWDC. I would expect that by early next week we will be able to download the 10.1 dev tools from ADC.

That said I hope they post it sooner, I have homework I need to get done this weekend that requires the dev tools, and if all goes well I will get the update from CompUSA or Fry's this saturday. Would suck if I had to wait to update untill after i did my homework (although it would give me a reason to finish it quicker :))

the lack of developer tools is stopping me from adopting 10.1. I use 10.0.4 for MySQL, PHP and WO development. No way. It's funny, we've been waiting for so long and now we are stuck with a useless CD.


On the other hand, what is really preventing me from using 10.x on all the machines is the lack of Flash, Director and Photoshop as native apps.