What about the Irish


hi all,
firstly let me say that i am from Ireland.
i have just downloaded the "Term & Conditions" of the free upgrade to 10.1 and it says that the offer is only valid for the US. So i went to the apple store (the irish one) and they are only selling the 10.1 as a full product for 129 irish punts (151.257 USD)....there is no mention of how to get ".1"
now i have my my 3 proof of purchase coupons but i cant seem to get the update.
if anyone has any info on this could they please let me know.
i am on a 56k modem so downloading it would not be an options.
Finally the irony of it all is that i live 10 minutes away from Apples European production factory and i used to work there a few years ago.
I guess you will have to download it. Wouldn't it be cool if they did a Gaelic version of the OS?:p In fact I want a Welsh version! Welsh is the oldest European language!
The apple store is taking phone orders for the upgrade to 10.1. It costs £15 (sterling).

The uk apple store number is 0800 039 1011
The irish number is 1800 92 38 98

The sales rep said it would not ship until next week. Mine is on the way!!!

It seems much easier to call. They didn't even ask for proof of purchace.
didn't ask for proof of purchase here either..
I did get an email for $20 off a purchase of $249 or greater (US) this morning. At the bottom of the email it says that since I ordered X from the apple store, i would not need proof of purchase for the upgrade... Maybe that's the difference.