What Apple SHOULD be doing...


...instead of making useless products like the iPod, is finishing its flagship software Final Cut for OS X.

They said Summer release and I actually believed them, silly me.

They are such hypocrites, browbeating devlopers to release OS X versions of software and they can't even carbonize the best piece of software they own. What are there, like three pieces of useful software for X? Appleworks, who gives a crap about Appleworks, total amateur suite. iTunes, yeah it's kind of nice, but I'm not exactly making money with it. QuickTime, OK, that's a start, now finish the theme.

I've got a business to run here, now stop wasting time with a $400 MP3 player that nobody is going to buy and finish software that is going to kick major ass and make me money! Is anyone else salivating over a multi-threaded, multi-processor FCP? Yum.


Aside: I'm sure the iPod is rather cool, but in a Cube sort of way. Too costly for what it is and no audience. I smell a dud. Thought frankly, for me, the 5 gig firewire drive is more useful than MP3 playing. I could easily see needing to move a two gig file and not wanting to haul my big bulky 80 gig external FW drive.