What build do YOU use ?


Simply Daemonic
I just took a look at the build number of my public beta.... I found that I have 1H39 (very old) lol ...

I was wondering what you others use and if it is worth while at this point in time to get 4K60 or whatever newwer build I can get my hands on before the big debut of OS X 1.0

okay so this may sound like a no-brainer.. but after you d/l the disk image (it is a HUGE pain in the ass..fyi Admiral), what next? do you have to have a cd burner? can you just boot from the mounted image? all my friends with cd burners use Windows. am i pretty much SOL?

I have a T1 connection where I work I I can get the fle (I have gotten 250MB of 4K60 ,which is more than half, but the server is slow as hell :p)
I have a CD-RW so I can just put the image on an RW and use it ;)

I was just wondering what to do since march 24 is rapidly approaching. Are these build due to expire on that day too ?

Sorry, I have forgotten to mention the need of a CD-burner and Toast.
The images are in Toast format.

And you should not mount the image, just burn it. Mounting the image scrap it...
did a search of macosx.org and no luck yet. can you link me to the article? many thanks

IMO installing the 'build of the week' is the biggest waste of time. You can't get any work done with it, can't use it for development, anything you learn is subject to change at any time, etc... About the only point of it is so you can post on boards like this saying "I'm using 4k98 and... " (insert random irrelevant problem here, since the entire point of the post was contained in the first 5 words.)

I've been waiting for this OS for 8 years; I can wait another 2 weeks.
i too scorned the "build of the week" stuff.. until iTunes carbon (i am still running public beta.. it won't run iTunes carbon) came along. i seriously sweat it.. BAD. basically the two things i do with my mac (so far.. digital audio studio is coming) are listen to music and talk on aim. so yes.. i will admit i am very inpatient now! but that's just me.. i completely understand how someone who actually does important work on their mac would want to stay away from the new builds. and yeah.. two weeks isn't very long either. who knows.. i'll probably just give up
I don't like "the burn of the week " idea beacause it is a seruous waste of time, AFAIC.
I am considering a higher version because 1H39 can't run the dev tools on apple's web page
(ironic... downloading 400+ Mb of OS X 4K60 and 90Mb os dev tools so that I wont have to telnet in order to compile my stupid C apps LOL :p)

Well the good thing is that OS X is about two weeks away.... no need to go crazy lol ;)

PB works well for me for the time being ;-) ( I just wished it had gcc! .... I did download gcc & cc from apple's project web site but I havent the faintest (yet) how to install them. No installer, just files :p)