What build is Apple *shipping*?


I know we've heard a bunch of speculation as to whether or not 5G64 was/was not GM. If any of you are on the show floor at Seybold or have the chance to take a glance at a 10.1 system in an actual Apple Store, could you please confirm the build number? I downloaded 5G64 from Carracho, but I'm more than willing to shell out $20 if that's not the final build. Bring up ethical qualms if you will, but I really just need to know that build number.

The build number is no longer present in Mac OS X version 10.1. The about box now says 'version 10.1', so it is not very easy to figure out if it is actually the correct build or not.

I would suggest getting the OS X 10.1 update anyway, just to be sure.
In the development builds of Mac OS X 10.1 you had to click on the text "10.1" in the about box to see what build it was.

simX did you mean that that is gone now too?