What can root do for ME?


I'm not, by any means, very familiar with UNIX. I know a little bit. I kind of understand what root is, but is it dangerous to be logged in as root? I don't do any UNIX commands, and I won't delete anything that I don't know what it is. I just like being root because I have more access to the Applications folder, etc. Will it hurt?


Ah, yes, the confusion that plagues a single user OS when he first starts running a multi-user OS.

Traditionally, root is only logged into to do administration. This is because he has full access to everything, and it is really easy to make mistakes, even if you know what you are doing.

I also suggest that you keep root near its default configuration, so that everything runs ultra stable, as root is often times a first place to stop when you can't solve a problem under your own login.

With that said, it is a much better idea, to always log in to your user account to do day to day stuff. That way, you can be sure that you don't inadvertandly mess things up. You can also just scrap that user account if you mess it up too much.

There are really many reasons why you shouldn't be logged in as root. Besides, your main user, the one you created at install time, should have really good access to most things. If there are things that your missing access to, you could always chmod the directory and files.
I agree fully with the previous poster and want to point out that administrators have write access to the applications folder. The account you made at install is an administrator.

Also, what he ment with chmod for non-unix ppl: Login as root (or the owner of the directory you want to change permissions for), select the dir and open the inspector (Command-I). Choose sharing. Choose the permissions.