What DECT and ISDN home phone can sync with OS X?


Okay, I know most mobile phones can be synched with OS X addressbook and stuff. But what about your ordinary landline telephone? I have a home office, and I get and make zillions of calls a day. I use a DECT compatible phone (with a super duper Plantronics headset), on an ISDN line. I want to get all my contacts into that phone, so I don't have to bust my poor sensitive fingers dialing all day.

I have seen Siemens has got some ISDN and DECT phones that you can synch with Outlook running under Windows. Any phones out there that you can synch with Mac?


I don't know of any landline phone that could sync with a mac. But how about adding ISDN support for your mac and use your mac as a phone station?
In worst case a x86 emulator together with winxp and ms outlook might help you out.