What do i need-G4 to be able to use laserwriter 16/600PS


Upgraded from beige g3 to g4. G4 has only usb connections for printer.I want to continue to use my Apple Laserwriter 16/600ps.

Do they make a cable or what do i need to connect to the printer?

The very best would be to use the ethernet connection. Do you have a router? Or hub? The printer would be connected to that. & from router/hub/switch to the computer.

You could also use a USB-parallel adapter cable. Get a brand name - the cheapies often don't work.
I do have an internet hub,with one open port.
So basically,my internet connection becomes my printer cord to the hub,and from the hub i run another cable with the appropriate cable to the printer?
What type of cable from the hub in regards to the 'printer" end of the connection.

I have 3 different connection on the printer. One is for a fax, the other is a tiny square opening,one the printer(round,used previously) and another that is like a slot with tapered ends.

The slot with tapered ends is the ethernet connector - you have to buy an AUI-15 adapter to get the normal RJ45 connector.

I think you are also going to find that you need a router to separate internet traffic from local print traffic. That might sway the vote for the USB-parallel cable.
i was told keyspan has a connector that works($40),but looking at reviews,there may be problems with osx and the laserwriter 16/600

The asante device is costlier. Bottom line,will the printer recognize osx 3.2?
Don't want to spend if it dosen't work. Or add another device to my computer table,unless i have to.

Could i use my g3 as a network to the printer?

Ron P