What do you miss least about Mac OS 9?


Fark Lover
This isn't a poll because I didn't want to limit the responses, but I find myself really loving X and not missing 9 at all. I would have to say I miss least the annoying habit 9 had of bringing my entire computer to a halt everytime even one application went haywire. Stability, although certainly not guaranteed with X, is vastly improved from where I'm sitting.

Oh, and the X-native drivers for my brand-spanking new Wacom tablet are fan-freakin-tastic!
One thing I miss: this is kind of nit-picky but I miss the depth/detail of the contextual menus in OS 9.

One thing I don't miss: a single app bringing the house down.
I am NOT missing:

1. The Finder - I love the new multi view Finder, especially Column View
2. The App switcher - Love the Dock and its customization
3. The old Apple Menu - Love the new 'System' centered Apple Menu, and Docked folders
4. Memory Management - for obvious reasons
5. The 2D UI - Love the 'depth' of Aqua and the revealing animations
6. Old graphics engine - Quartz is truly fantastic ( I have my monitor resolution pumped up as high as it can go. Text and photos look incredible. Photos, in particular, have an unbelievable sense of realism, almost 3D effect)
7. The way a single click of the mouse stopped everything
8. Launching & Quitting applications all the time - I almost never shut down, and I almost never quit my regularly used Apps
9. Application layers - love the interleaved windows with the ability to bring all windows to front with a click in the Dock
10. The speed of 9.x - 10.1 is just as fast
11. The old DVD player - X's DVD player kicks ass
12. Alert, save, and printing panels DEMANDING & REQUIRING my attention - Bouncing icons, sheets, and muti-tasking rule
13. Mouse dependency - I like being able to perform a lot more tasks from the keyboard, constantly having to move from keyboard to mouse isn't necessary, the keyboard is an input device just as much as the mouse is
14. One size fits all icons - not only can you scale your icons, they're also freakin' gorgeous (or at least, can be)

I can go on and on...
I am obviously in love with OS X and Aqua!
POPUP FOLDERS!:rolleyes:

My favorite feature of OS 8 and up were popup folders. Anyone know if someone is working on a program that will enable this fuctionality in OSX? To be able to drag a file and navigate the column views of the finder would be awesome.
I am in love with OSX (10.1), and I don't think I can add anything to the things I miss least, but springloaded folders in column view would be amazing. Oh, I don't miss the way that my keyboard volume controls never worked quite right with iTunes (i.e. I couldn't mute while iTunes was open).
rkadowns, are you talking about:

1. Sping-loaded folders (wear you could pause over a folder and it you sring open, and then the next, and the next...)?


2. Tabbed Folders that popped-up from the bottom of the desktop?

After that, what do you miss LEAST in OS 9?
Spring loaded folders
Tabbed folders
Good performance on shooter games (I'm on a G4/400 AGP)
Having all applications run natively
Good power management on my TiBook

Dont' miss:
Cooperative multitasking (except when gaming)
The old DVD player
Bad memory management
Crashy system
Application menu (like the Dock better)