What do you name your macs ?


Simply Daemonic
What have you named your mac and how did this name come about ?
(have you ever named a non mac computer ??? (other than the name sh*tbox LOL :p )

Personally before I go my first mac (a performa 635CD) I used macs at school and I had a Quadra 650 that I used all the time (we had BOLO tournaments after school) with the a hard drive name called "Roots Radical" ... I will be damned if I know what it means, I just found it cool :D So when I got my mac I named the hard drive "Radical Drive" and it's been a tradition to call my main partition like so for all my computers (well my main mac that is).

As for names. My peforma was named sentinel (which now rests in a plastic bag in my basement), and I;ve named my G3 admiralty (after my fictitious "club" lol )... it seems fitting since my mac is almost always on with the MP3 player going ;) (I have about 1 weeks worth of music ready on my external firewire HD, and another 40 MP3 CDs in backup storage lol)
Mac Systems:
Euclid (Mac OS X)
Fermi (MacOS 8.6)
Riemann (Rhapsody DR2)
Feynman (Rhapsody DR2)
Bonnet (A/UX 3.0.1)
HAL 9000 (MacOS 8.1)
SAL 9000 (MacOS 8.1)
Panda (MacOS 8.1)

Frankel (OPENSTEP 4.2)

Silicon Graphics:
Gauss (Irix 6.2)
Euler (Irix 5.3)
Morse (Irix 5.3)

Sun Microsystems:
Oppenheimer (Solaris 7)

My general naming convention is carried over from when I worked at the NFS Geometry Center ( http://www.geom.umn.edu/ ), where all of our systems (SGI, Sun, Mac, and NeXT) were named after mathematicians (we had 1 PC running Windows 3.1 and a very early version of Linux, ca. 1994, which didn't have a name back then).
You got A/UX installed ??? How does it run ??
From what I;ve seen it has a system 7 appearance to it ... u need to tell me more lol.

hmmm ... I dont see a pythagora in there !!! what's up with that :D ???
It wasn't everything I thought it would be, but it is cool to play with. Here a current image.


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On my Wallstreet PB with OS X i have a dual partition so there is 9er and the big X.

My server at home is a four partition system:
Anxiety - The VPC partition, because that gives me anxiety

My Twilight Garden - OS X partition, it is named after a CUre song, but it also keeps me up all night working and growing my skills

then the other two are boring, music and apps

On my Grape iMac it is called GrapeApe
My iMac and iBook don't have names, but I do have a powerbook 5300, which i call bertha. A fitting name for a 2 inch thick land monster.;)
Since I've used my Macintoshes while in college, previously while an undergraduate and now a graduate student, my PowerBook 520c and Blue & White G3 have been named Athena, after the Greek Goddess of wisdom.

PowerBook 520c:
50Mhz 68LC040
240MB HD
100MB ZIP External SCSI HD
Mac OS 8.1

PowerMac G3:
400MHz G3
Rage 128
Adaptec 2930 SCSI Card
Lacie 6x4x16 SCSI CD-RW
Mac OS 9.1
Mac OS X
LinuxPPC 2000
The 520c is a very good system, I still love my Duo 280c (68LC040/66, 32/320/14.4). As a Student I had a Mac SE/30 that was great for Theorist and Expressionist (lived in those apps), and Word 5.1a and PageMaker 4.0. I look back at my old research papers and I'm amazed at the quality I was able to get, way better than my friends who would fumble through TeX :D .
My iBook was called Mr. Mac IX before I installed the Public Beta, when I changed the name to Mr. Mac X. My Classic || is Mr. Schu, because he gave it to me. The Quadra 650 is Mr. Quadradon, because it's prehistoric. The 540c is simply 'Mr. Laptop', because it is lol. And the Packard Bell (it was a gift from my parents; I wouldn't buy it for money, lol) is named Mr. 4-letter-words lol.
my very first computer was a sinclair zx81 which was called 'sinclair' for obvious reasons.
then for a long time i had an atari mega st which i named 'bootsy'...
my old imac was called 'lisa' after the good old apple computer and lisa simpson, so when i got my g4 i named it 'lisa II' ...
now i've got two partitions, so 9.1 is named 'lisa II' while os x is named 'unixland' ... :)
My first Macintosh was called... Mac. (A 1984 Macintosh : "we" lived 3 years "together".)

My second Macintosh was called Gros Mac. (A Macintosh 512e : "we" lived 5 years "together".)

My third Macintosh was called Andromaque. (A Macintosh IIsi : "we" lived 7 years "together".)

My fourth (and current) Macintosh is called Courvoisier. (A Macintosh G3 beige DT 266 MHz : 2 years old and in great shape ;) ).

I'm thinking of getting a new Macintosh this fall, but I haven't found a name yet. I guess I have a few months to think about it before it is born ! :D I think I will keep my G3, though, so that would mean this would be the first polyMacous relationship of my life !

As for the hard drives, they have always been named according to the name of the computer, since I always had the feeling that the hard drive was part of the computer's personality (you are nobody if you don't have memory). It is the first time my Mac has a partitioned hard drive (schizophrenia ?). So right now, the partitions are called : Courvoisier (main partition and headquarter of my apps, files and the stand alone Mac OS 9), Mac Classique (2 GB partition for Classic Mac OS) and Mac OS X (8 GB for.. guess why !?! ;) )

(None of them died, our ways simply parted eventually.)
LOL ... they went their way and you went yours pascal ?? he he he ;)

The hard drive naming convention for my HDs are to have the prefix "Radical " before the name :p

Radical Drive --> main partition
Radical Firewire --> My external firewire HD
Radical X --> My OS X partition

but ...
my former 100Mb swpa partition is named Crash Dummy ... I dont know why lol .. it just is :p (the black sheep of the HD family LOL )

Eh pascal ... on parle francais a quebec plus que anglais ?

Originally posted by AdmiralAK
LOL ... they went their way and you went yours pascal ?? he he he ;)
I wonder where they are now ? (Nostalgia !)
Eh pascal ... on parle francais a quebec plus que anglais ?
Mais on ne parle que le français... Sauf avec les visiteurs Américains, bien sûr ! ;)
...Memory Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta for each of the partitions. He is a Quadra 950, still in heavy use burning CDs, playing games, and general storage space. I think you'll understand why he is so special to me when you see this nice picture of him. And if you are wondering, no, he has never locked me outside :D .


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Originally posted by RacerX
He is a Quadra 950, still in heavy use burning CDs, playing games, and general storage space.
And you need three 19" screens for that ??? ;-)

Seriously, what was the original purpose of this three-headed monster ??? :D
I many use that system for page layout in Pagemaker and QuarkXpress. there really is nothing like being able to have 6 pages up at actual size. It is how page layout should be done :D . I haven't had as much call for layout work lately as I had before (every one wants web pages now, so I keep the format down to fit a standard 800 x 600 resolution).

And four years of living with my SE/30, I felt that I needed some space:D .
RacerX ... I would like to know the full specs for every system u have lol monitors, graphics cards, RAM, drives... even the mice lol ... Somehow I an getting a pi flashback moment ( pi = 3.14.... and also a movie, black-and-white, kinda annoying soundtrack, but an OK movie overall.. I reccomend it if you want to see a low budget noir flim ;) )

so without further ado ... I give RacerX clarance to post all his system specs lol ;)

--> Hmmmm if you network all those machines, make em share a hive mind like the borg you can potentially have a smart house RacerX ... one that is 1000000 times better than bill gate's ;) <--