What do you name your macs ?

Currently at home (Bewitched theme) I've got:

iMac DV+ : samantha
UMAX S900: endora

at work:

Mandrake Linux box: tweek
Solaris box: thwack
HP/UX box: thunk

at the old job (graphic arts shop):

Various macs:
Manet, Kahlo, Picasso, Michelangelo, Fra Lippo Lippi, Bosch, DuBuffet, Pollack, Guyton, etc.
I might be overly serious, too boring, or a candidate for the most unoriginal, but I name my Mac with my name.

So everything ends up with my name:

Hard Drive: TommyWillB
DNS name: TommyWillB.[my_company].com
Mac AppleTalk name: TommyWillB (or more recently TommyWIllB_OS9 and TommyWillB_OSX)

About the only thing I do that may be of some interest is that I put a bunch of spaces, and sometimes "-", at the begining of my Mac AppleTalk name so that it show up first in the Chooser.

When I have multiple internal drives or external drives they usually get named what they are. i.e. Quantom_5GB, or VST_2GB, or WesternDigital_60GB.

Of course my excuse is that I have a very bad memory, and names are the first thing I forget! So this is my low-tech memory aid.
Shouldn't you add "the second" or "junior" to the name, that way when we address you, your Mac doesn't think we're talk to him :D
Hmmm if he does that ... then we wouls have to latinize, agglo-zise (mode), germanize or russiannize his name LOL

Hmmmm a mac called Thomas William B II
or Thomas Wilhelm II (der Zweite)
I dont know any latin or russian ;)

hhmmmm I look forward to the day I will be able to say "Computer, tea, earl gray, hot!" and my computer prepares a cup of hot earl grey tea for me :D
Originally posted by AdmiralAK
hhmmmm I look forward to the day I will be able to say "Computer, tea, earl gray, hot!" and my computer prepares a cup of hot earl grey tea for me :D


Computer, a cup of tea.

And then the box, using the real DWIM interface scans for my actual wishes, and produces a cup of beverage almost completely, but not entirely, unlike the tea.
clark: How dare you name a Mac such a thing?! Every Mac in the house is offended, and they refuse to turn on (lol)!

On a more serious note: why did you name it that?
I was heavily into William Gibson (the cyberpunk author not the playwright) when I started thinking about the names I gave my machines.

His name for the world wide (even intergalactic) network in his stories was the "Matrix"

Matrix became the basis and each computer had a variation of that name.

Hence, my new 733 is Matrix G4_1 (for the 1st drive) and Matrix G4_2 (for the second). I have a firewire external on the 733 named Gigi (long story about a short-lived hot and heavy affair in Cannes).

My 1998 PowerBook is Matrix G3 Mobile. My wifes Tibook is TiMatrix.

My old machines (2 SEs, 2 SE/30s, 1 Classic, 1 LC, 1 Performa, 1 7200 (I got in Korea)) have similar Matrix variations.

As is evidenced by Gigi... I tend to name my external drives based on whim. Besides Gigi; I have Machiavelli (all my poli-sci university stuff), Thor (all my Icelandic work/play stuff) and SunTzu (stuff from when I was in the Army).
mine are named after birds of prey. i've got

owl <- 7200 running debian
osprey <- my beloved powerbook 160
kite <- my 7500
gyrfalcon <- my g4

I also have an SE/30, Performa 636CD (student discount!), 2 6100s, 2 Quadra 605s, another 7200, and a Centris 650, all of which are currently nameless.
I name my macs based on their color. All five of them are unique. BTW "Root Radical" is a great song by Rancid. It's one of their calmer, less hardcore songs. I'm sure they got the name from somewhwere else but I still thought you would all like to know. ;)
All my macs have names that describe them, or have a special meaning to me.
Vash the Stampede is my DP G4-500 and it's 2 HDs are Asuka (from Evangelion) and KuroNeko Sama (Lord Black Cat from Trigun) One of my partitions on one drive is VashOS X, and is where OS X resides. 9.1 is on Asuka, and 9.2 is on KuroNeko Sama.
Lisa 4000 is my custom built Starmax 4000, named after my first computer, a performa 6320 that I named Lisa because I thought that the apple lisa kicked ass. It's HDs are Lisa 4000, PowerMac 4400 (where most of it's parts came from), and Peforma 6320.
Ryoga is my powerbook 5300c. He travels with me everywhere and he's named after the eternally lost boy, Ryoga Habiki from Ranma 1/2, because I'm always getting lost. His HD is Midnight Saviour, because he's saved me in highschool when I had homework do the next day and I had to goto bed. (Used to hide under the covers and work on it)
Red_Right_Hand - OS 9.1
Transmission - Swap
New_Dawn_Fades - OS X
External 20GB Firewire
Hurt - Backup Area
Sleeping_Beast - Extra Storage

They are all titles of some of my favorite songs
well, I had to find out some day... someone else (RacerX) uses the name HAL 9000!!

I first used that name when I had a weird corrupted hard drive problem, and just like the original HAL 9000, it seemed that my computer decided it was better off without my control!

Ever since then my machines have been named some variant of HAL 9000: "HAL", "HAL 9k"... and yes, I have even named a disk SAL!
My G4/500 SP AGP is named "DeepBlu," after (if I'm not completely making it up) the first chess application that could defeat a human grandmaster (wasn't the victim Gary Kasparov?).
Mac 512e: Pink (because I found several stick-on letters at my father's car dealership, and PINK was one of the only words I could make with the few letter i had. I stuck them on the front.)

Mac SE: Silicon Menagerie (I don't know why.)

Mac IIsi: Deep Pink (combining the name of my first mac and the IBM supercomputer that Gary Kasparov beat at chess.)

PowerComputing PowerTower Pro: Deeper Pink (after the IBM supercomputer that beat Kasparov at chess.)

G4/500 Dual Processor: Double Deeper Pink (and so on...)
It's safe to assume that everyone has a way of picking out names and that they all fall in a category and they are not just random occurences ;)