What External HD for this one?


I am using a G4 Cube running OS 10.3.9 - and the USB is only 1.1 or whatever it was before 2.0.

I need to get an external Hard Drive but they all seem to be USB 2.0 -- or outdated ones for users of OS 9.

Firewire on the Cube is dodgy to say the least.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
epooch said:
usb 2.0 devices are backwards compatible with usb 1.1 hosts. It will just run slower.

much slower. much, much slower. I don't think it is worth subjecting yourself to the inevitable frustration that would come of trying to use an external HDD over USB 1. Unless you're using the drive for occasional backups, or just for small files (word docs etc), I wouldn't recommend that as an option.