What Gives.....?


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Well after waiting day in and day out, I am somewhat disappointed in Apple. Us users and developers have been so patient waiting for an update since 10.03 hoping for a few minor fixes. Apple hasnt even corrected them yet. A few of us want DVD some want CD-R and some simply want it to go faster! Perhaps it won't get any faster with a G3 (which is what most of us own?)?. I've used it on a G4 and it goes real smooth. But more on a personal level, Apple is such a big company and I really think they are capable of having all these fixes in by now. And also all this time and it's only up to 10.04, is tghere really going to be a 10.1 at MWNY? Any feedback would be appreciated. Don't get me wrong, Apple is a great company but i really think they can do better than this.
If you actually bought your copy of MacOSX, you might have good reason to complain. Until then, please stop your bitching.

I think it's better that Apple is polishing the update before making it public like some software companies *cough*Microsoft*cough* often do.
What are you talking about? I did purchase my copy of OS X thank you very much. Judge not ye lest ye be judged. Oh well maybe not everybody is religous or at least tries to be like I am.
what is up with the last two messages here? let's take a look? anybody noticing anything "odd" about them? hmmm, i wonder. OH YEAH! there it is! ivtrk feels like throwing a lil "low-blow" at someone's opinion which, in fact, is totally uncalled for. this is a message board for everybody, thus for everybody's opinion to be sent in. so please no comments like "stop yer bitching". that's just...uhm...childish? but there it comes!! round 2 and whitesaint swings the cross of the holy institution around like a two handed sword!? now now, that's just as uncalled for. this is a MAC OS X bulletin, NOT *let me repeat that one please, i give in to the illusion it makes my point come across more vividly* NOT a "religious belief" bulletin. so if anything should be "recited" from the holy book of bul..errr..wisdom...it should be: if someone slaps ya on the cheek, smile and offer the other one? so no "firing back" either. none of that ridiculous behaviour please. look at what you two have done! wasted three placeholders for message for this crap. ivtrk's 1st, then whitesaint's answer, and here i am. losing my droppings over this, too! arrrghhh...oh demon's from hell. what arest thou doing to us? we're all just trying to get the best from our OS? so let's look at it like this. Mac OS rules. has always ruled and Mac OS X..is...kinda like....in a land of Operation Systems..Mac OS X is king? can i say that without getting sued? ;)
so open your eyes my blind, wild tempered sheep. Give each other the hug of brotherly macintosh love and as your hand's are united in a firm grip, nod slightly and whisper the words of infinite wisdom and power:
Mac OS X
nuff from me....and nuff with this bullshit.
and hey!! dont point at me!! just trying to nip it in the bud!
The Kind Of Irons hast spoken, all bowst thy heads.
whitesaint, aren't you the guy who bought a copy of MacOSX from CompUSA, installed it, then returned it for a refund?
ACtually i bought it from Circuit City and returned then i bought it again and kept it for good this time, and i was not being sarcastic i really am sorry i dont want to impose and threat on anybody not only for my sake but for your as well. Well i dont know why everyone is talking about but i guess i deserve it. By teh Way - Does anyone know the exact date for MWNY?
Truce accepted ;) I didn't mean to deal any 'low-blows'...and didn't mean to sound like a dick...I guess I was having a bad night ;)

""I think it's better that Apple is polishing the update before making it public like some software companies *cough*Microsoft*cough* often do.""

Um, I thought that having your software for sale all over the web and in every computer store was the equivalent of "making it public," which by all accounts appears to be where OS X is today. Out in the public.

I know I bought my copy of X at a CompUSA...a store not known for advanced computer knowledge so if they had it is in the public, no?

So, shouldn't Apple have made sure the whole thing was polished before unleashing it on us, forget the "updates..."