What happened to Apple Data Detectors?


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Another thread on contextual menus reminded me of Apple Data Detectors (ADD) that I used to have in OS 8.x. I loved 'em. Has anyone heard whether or not they'll be available under OS X? you 10.1 testers, heard anything?

While I don't know anything about it myself, I kind of got the impression that Apple wasn't really planning on doing anything with it. The ADD website kept on saying certain things were going to come soon (like the currency one, if I remember), but it never happened. It's too bad, since it was a great idea.

On the other hand, it's almost here, via services. For example, I have InstantLinks (check Version Tracker for it), and I can select a word, go to The Program->Services->InstantLinks, and I can look up a word in an online dictionary, encyclopdia, mapping service, thesaurus, and some other things. And from what I read, in OS X.I services will be available in Carbon applications too, not just Cocoa ones. To get this like ADD though, all we'd need is the ability to right-click and get a services menu. Ah, I can dream...