What happened to Carbon SoundJam?


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What happened to Carbon SoundJam? I deleted my copy by mistake and now I've found that it is no longer available to download from soundjam.com.
When I go to VersionTracker.com it just redirects me to soundjam.com and I can't seem to find where to download it at. There is just a buy button, but I've already bought it.

If someone could post it on the web or send it to me my e-mail is npalmer@bigfoot.com that would be much appreciated. Or atleast give me a link to somewhere that I can download it.


I wrote a mail about this to Casady & Greene, Inc. and this is the answer:

Dear Yves,

We removed the version we had posted due to an incompatibility with the public beta. We should have more information later this week. Thank you for your interest!