What happened to Garamond?


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What happened to the Garamond font? That's <em>Apple's</em> font and they didn't include it in OS X? Please tell me it's just my installation that's screwed up.

AFAIK Apple have never included the "Apple Garamond" font as part of the system.

I dont think its something that they want people using. Its for Apple internal use only. The font is very important to Apples corporate image.
Every other computer in the world has Garamond. I use it every day at work with Windows NT. I thought for sure my last Mac (7100/80) came with Garamond.

In any event, I sure want to get it, but I'm wondering now if there's some weird licensing with it. I've also seen it named "Adobe Garamond" though on Windows it's just "Garamond."

There are indeed many versions of Garamond.

Apple's Garamond, the one you see on all the adds and on the boxes etc.., has been designed for Apple and is only for there use. You cannot buy it. Although you a quick search on Hotline will get you a copy. I have a copy, but then I used to work for Apple. :)

There are often replicas of fonts provided in the OS, for instance NewYork is Times.

A quick search of the web should turn up many free fonts, a lot of which will look like Garamond. Also if you have a copy of Fontographer you can convert your PC Garamond to a Mac postscript font. Although that might be illiegal....

I think it's great that Apple's finally including *real* fonts with OSX like gill sans, optima, and futura rather than the fake imitations like geneva and new york.

There are a *lot* of different versions of Garamond - i think Adobe Garamond used to come free with ATM, so maybe that's where you got it. I don't think Apple ever included it with MacOS