What happened to lynx?


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What the hell happened to lynx?! Apple, if you read this, GIVE US BACK LYNX!!! I cant get it to compile :< If anyone has any advise or knows a way to compile it, I'd love to hear it.

./configure --host=powerpc

is not working.

I know not everyone uses this, but it is handy to have around :)
As much as I respect lynx, there's a newer text-mode browser, called
links, that wipes the floor with it.

You should check it out here:


It has dramatically better table handling, for example.
I dont think any version of OSX came with lynx installed. I had it working with PB, but I never reinstalled it after I discovered links.

w3m is another text-mode browser I sometimes use w/linux, but I dont know of any port to OSX