What Happened to MacOSRumors?


Did anything to Mac OS Rumors? I've been unable to access the site since mid-last week. Did they suddenly go out of business, or are they just having trouble with their provider?

Sure, many of the rumors aren't true, and thinksecret gets updated much more often, but it's still fun to read. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts or insight...


They're still AWOL from here. I don't know what's up. I think MOSR has declined pretty severely -- it's more of a gimmick than anything else now. In the good old days, even if credibility was a little low, the articles were better than OS X how-tos and Register re-prints. Bummer.

At least we have AtAT...


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I agree. I read mosr.com to see what will be coming in the far future, because I know their reporting is really optimistic, but I wouldn't say that they are entirely inaccurate in WHAT is going to come. As a rule, for rumors from mosr.com, just add 6-12 months on the projected release date that mosr.com gives. That should make it more realistic.

And, yes, at least we have AtAT. Very funny, and mostly right on target. :)


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they have had problems in the past with their servers.

I know they have an alternative web domain, but can't find it at present (or they are no longer working full stop!)