What Happened To My Photo Stream?


Recently, while on the road with cruddy internet, I told my iPad to stop trying to backup to iCloud. When I got home, I connected it to my iMac via iPhoto, copied all my new photos and deleted them from the iPad. Shortly after that, I noticed that my AppleTV was no longer running a slideshow of my photos when it was idle.

What have I done?
In iPhoto / Preferences / iCloud, all the boxes are checked. All recent photos are in iPhoto on the iMac. What else should I look at?
Next check Apple TV’s preferences and System Preferences>iCloud on the Mac.
BTW, on my iMac I'm running 10.10. I'll update my signature soon.

Mac: System Preferences / iCloud / Photo Options - stream and sharing both checked.

Screen Saver
start after 5 mins
Photo Stream
My Photo Stream: 302 photos as of 10/12
iCloud account
Photo settings: stream & sharing ON​
Home Sharing: ON​

I have two WiFi networks. The Mac & AppleTV currently are NOT on the same network. However, I first observed this behavior a few days ago when they were on the same one.

See the date above. No, I have not added photos since then, and it may be the date on which I told my iPad to stop backing up - but I can't be sure.
I'm back. The good news is, the slideshow has resumed on my AppleTV. The bad news is, I didn't do anything.