What I Think The Perfect Radio Podcast Would Be...


I download a lot of the BBC Radio content, most of it - if i was listening to it on 'real' radio - would be interspersed with songs... As a podcast all the songs are cut out and you tend to get 30-40 minutes of talk.

Now then, the pace of these type of shows isnt the same as tradtional 'talk radio' - they are more punchier simply because they are also trying to fit music into their content...

So... imagine a podcast that has 'music bookmarks' - when one of these bookmarks is reached in itunes / on your ipod - a song from your OWN library / playlist of tunes is played. negating copyright issues regarding publishing podcasts with songs - as the songs are from your own library... making the show more complete...

hmm - just a thought...

btw - i have no idea if this is in the right forum - so admins - feel free to move it... or delete it if you think its complete tosh!!!


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If it doesn't seem to fit anywhere, the Café is probably the right forum. :)