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NeXT was still around today? What would OpenStep2001 look like?


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With the coming of MOSX a friends who uses windows said to me with sarcasm "wow, finally Apple is smart enough to copy the windows feature with all open programs listed in the bottom of the screen" or something like that.

I didn't have any answer to that. A few days later I read something that hinted to me that this showing of programs at the bottom of the screen thing, was infact a part of the NEXT operating system.
I have searched the web looking for screenshots trying to see if this is true, but I've never found any pictures close enough so I could see.

Could anyone here please tell me - or even better, show me - how the NEXT OS looked like?
I think I have a shot some where of what the default desktop would look like, I changed the Workspace.app icon, amd the decktop and background image is part of an application called Fiend.


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Okay, so here is a good example of how the NeXT dock worked. The right-side dock is for storing icons of the apps you use the most. The bottom dock shows open apps (that don't exist in the right-side dock) and open windows that have been minimized. This predate the Windows taskbar by more than 5 years.


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