What is "Make Sticky"?


Does anyone know what "Make Sticky" does (it's under the [Appname]->Services menu item in Cocoa apps)? I don't know when it appeared, but I vaguely think it wasn't there when I first installed OSX. I don't recall noticing it before I installed 10.0.2, but I seldom look in the Services menu item; I suppose it could be associated with any of the Cocoa utilities I've installed. It's grayed out at the moment, but sometimes it's not.
On other computers, I've only seen "Sticky" referring to windows that are to appear on all virtual desktops. So far as I know, OS X does not support virtual desktops (yet?), so I'm not too sure what it means.

Basically in a cocoa app you can select text and graphics and when you go to services and choose create sticky it creates a sticky note with the contents you had selected.