What is MiniTerm.app???


maybe somebody can answer this: what is MiniTerm.app
check out /usr/libexec and open the program...

it doesn't look like it does much, but I am very very curious

I would guess that that's the program that is used to display info sent to various log files.

eg. if you turn on crashcatcher (I forget where you turn it on) then whenever something crashes, that is what opens up. Maybe also when you're installing things, that would be where progress reports are shown.

As I say though, just guessing.
It might also be the program used to display PPP loggin-on information, if you have that enabled. I thought the two windows looked similar.

Still, I've not been able to do anything useful with MiniTerm.app. Maybe it acts like a 'tee'. I should try that...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure this is the term displayed when you select "Connect using a terminal window (command line)" in the PPP options of Network Prefs.