what is .nbattrs?


What is that file that is seems almost omnipresent in all my subdirectories? They are annoying when I work with non-Mac systems like Linux. Is it like those freaky Mac hidden dirs like .DS_Store, which is present everywhere.

Is there a way to not have them or are they critical to the operating system's file system?




the .DS_Store files that your concerned with have only one APPARENT use. Since they exist in every directory that you have visited with Finder. I had discovered some time ago that deleting this file actually fixed some problems of mine. On occasion I noticed that my views selections didn't stick in the desired window, but deleting those files in Terminal solved the problem. As soon as I changed the view again in the desired window it was created again. Feel free to delete it. If you run into problems, let me know as i have uncovered no adverse aspects yet.