What Is The Current Favourite Web Authoring Software?


Something fairly straightforward and WYSIWYG. My wife has her own website which has been constructed with iWeb. But she is finding that the lack of updates for iWeb seem to be causing problems with some of the things she wants to do.

So, she needs to move to something more up to date, I think. But it needs to be able to "read" the existing iWeb originals so that they can be edited. Is that possible?

The site is small and is used to promote her work as a professional singer, so it has text, pictures and sound bites.

All suggestions welcome.
Probably not the suggestion you were looking for: why not hire out? In Austin (I've been told) there are folks who sorta do that type of work for local artists either free or for a very low price. It might be worth an ad on Craig's list just to see.
If the "iWeb originals" are HTML, anything should be able to read them. I use Freeway Pro and have successfully dropped in HTML from elsewhere. That said, more often than not I rewrite the pages to use the facilities of the editor I paid for. It's $150. The lite version is free, but I don't know what its limitations are.
Thanks for that info. I've passed it on to my wife. She will decide which she likes.

Apologies for the delay in replying. My internet connection has been dead for three days. :( BT in the UK. They have a 72 hour window for repair, and achieved it by about 5 seconds. 72 hours in this day and age....