what is the location of the jdk ?


i'm reading the install instructions in
"Installing and configuring Tomcat" from ONJava.com
and i wonder whats the jdk location in os x.
off topic : i can remember apps asking for it in os9 too, do you know its location in this os too ?

thanks for your help

It's something like this:


but that's probably not verbatim.

Unfortunately, the directories do not match the common layout of a jdk directory on Windows or other *nixes. Oh well.

If you need to find something, the 'whereis' command can help.

whereis java

will find the java executable, which ought to lead you to the rest of the JDK.

Naturally, the moment you heard of a new *nix command, you opened up a Terminal window and typed

man whereis

Of course. "apropos" is also helpful, it can search through the descriptions of commands. Unfortunately, it also searches through the descriptions of the C library functions, which is annoying.