What is this XP crap?

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Talk about selling absolutely nothing. Is everyone familiar with the general criticisms of Apple's advertising? On the whole, a lot of people say that it doesn't have a strong enough message, and doesn't present enough facts. Take a gander at this pic, it looks like Micro$oft is trying to outdo Apple on the advertising front.

What are they trying to say? "we dont even need to tell you what this product is, because you're going to buy it anyway!" Why not just cram pure garbage down everyone's throats, oh wait, thats been done......

It looks like WinXP is going to have a new feature that lets you box people's faces. Think of all the ways that could be applied.....

-end of obnoxious sarcasm-


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Has anyone seen screenshots of XP? To me it looks like Micro$oft is completely copying apple... Just without the good design sense:D

I'd like to see how many people buy this piece of crap...

(If you haven't seen screenshots check out Micro$ofts web site... Yeah, I know... I felt dirty after going there too... I recomend taking a looooonnnngggg shower after visiting it...) :D :D
Those idiots at ms are always tring to out do us.ALL the damn time its so annoying. there also working on another operating system based on .net
Its called like black home or black hawk its aload of crap
black comb

probably because it is a comb, covered in lice aka bugs.

And they are trying to comb out the lice... er bugs, but it just isnt working ;)
Have you tried the new theme Netscape has released for Netscape 6.1 and Mozilla 0.9.4+? I don't know which is more disturbing, the toys scheme, or the fact that I like the toys scheme. I hope this doesn't mean I have a predispotion for XP. Anything but that!
I read a quote out of the New York Times a few weeks ago, it went almost exactly like:

"XP could not look more like a copy of OS X if it had been run through a copy machine"

I liked it. (the quote, that is)

I've seen a few of the beta's of XP ('doze friends have it) and I think its a joke. There is no way that people are going to WANT to use this. Everyone I know that has used it immediately turns off the new 'pretties' and just goes back to plain windows.
They hate it.
They wish they could run X.

Also considering the fact that M$ knows of hundreds of open wholes, raw sockets and exploits that can occur and they refuse to patch em....their excuse ? "Hacker will eventually find a way through"... what a buncha idiots.

if you want your computer to be accessed by anyone out there and your private files-copies-patents going public go ahead and use XP

<sarcasm humor=0>Considering how Microsoft has stated that Back Orifice is software that allows one user to help another by temporarily controlling their computer, are you really surprised about their view on security?</sarcasm> A program that allows you to capture keystrokes or access someone's web camera is not software with good intentions.
web cam eh ???
hmmmmmmmm....maybe it's time to install one on my girlfriend's PC....its on ehternet and I can hack..aaahheemm...access it anytime ;) hehehee :p

What would you do if you logged into the webcam on your girlfriends computer and found her running Windows 95 chatting to Steve Balmer on MSN?
I would run to her place and take her to the emergency room :eek:!!!!
Maybe what steve balmer has is contageous!!!!! :eek:!!!!

(in reference to "I love this company video, and "developers,developers,developers,developers,developers,developers,developers,developers,developers!!!!!" video)

you know....that picture, and XP in general, looks like something out of fisher price

OS X = Candy (Gumdrop) OS

Windoze XP = Baby Toy (Gay) OS

Personally I like Candy better then Baby Toys... Mabye I'm just biased...:D :D