What is this?


I was using Photoshop when all the sudden I start hearing this beeping. I hid Photoshop and found these symbols poping up. It's weird, every time I push he shift, apple, option or control keys, these transpearent symbols of the keys pop up (kind of like the volume controls). It's like when ever they pop up they're being automaticly held down until I press it again.
Here's a picture of the sybols on the screen:

The symbols are over on the left.

If you know about this, please tell me how to turn this off.:(
Just what I thought. It's a feature for people who have trouble using the keyboard. I assume you don't. ;)

Go to System Preferences, then go to the Universal Access pane. Then turn off Sticky Keys.

That should solve your problem. :)
That's sticky keys. See the "Universal Access" settings in System prefs. The screen shot with the symbols looked kinda cool, but the actual effects of the sticky keys are REally annoying...

UNless, of course, you actually need them.. :)