What is your main WORK OS?

What is your main WORK OS?

  • Mac OS (9 or X) only

  • Windows only

  • Unix/Linux Only

  • Combination: Mac + Windows

  • Combination: Mac + Unix/Linux

  • Combination: Unix/Linux + Windows

  • v

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mind bender
I cant stress the fact enough of how good it feels to get home to your Mac.I mean at work they are all PC heads and yesterday they had to re install winblows on a HP machine naturally it didnt work at once and my PC friend of course blamed the hardware. It took about 4 hours! In contrast to that i got myself a new harddrive yesterday came home ripped out the old one >booted OS9 cd>formatted 5 partitions>installed 10.1>up and running in about 25 minutes. i mean whats the difference?:D


OS X 10.1 Client and Server! All day, every day! Occasionally, Ihave to fix someone's 9.x

God I love my job!


Back to Mac Baby!
Mac IT is certainly a lot easier. Not to mention much cheaper for the company. If you've got one Mac guy he can run 60 machines on his own. Nice... I met a guy in Stamford CT who was the single Mac IT for 300 machines... That's a wee bit excessive, but certainly managable. He spend about 50% of his day sitting around waiting for something to happen. That's stable! ;)

Try that with your PC network. One guy + 300 machines = If you thought Einstein said nothing was impossible, apparently he didn't forsee this ;)

Cybergoober: I'm right there with you... This is definately the best position in my short little career history.


Membrum virile
Oh yeah, it feels soooo good to get off this POS Dell running WinNT4, and go home to my iMac with OS X.i!
I keep telling our sysadmin how much easier Mac networks are to maintain, but she just makes some sarcastic comment. One of these days, I gonna drag my iMac in here and show 'em what it can do.


They say windows 2000 is the best @ school. We have 25 IBM Netvistas "running", and 2 (+1 admin) guys to maintain everything. And there is always three or four of them not working for a reason.
Might be because its a school with a lot of destructive ppl, but 10-20% not working is too much...
Imagine a X.1 restricted workspace, with only internet & work-apps, how much down-time? Not much....


Once Photoshop, Director, Flash, After Effects, Final Cut Pro and DVD Studio are fully Carbonized then I will for sure make OSX my primary OS, until then I am switching back and forth for now.