What machines really work?


A lot of people keep asking if OSX will support this or that piece of hardware, and people keep responding with info from the FAQ - Beige G3 hardware and up. Its not doing anybody any good to keep restating that. What we want to know is does anybody have any experience with hardware that's listed as unsupported?

Mac OS X Server worked fine with my unsupported 9600. Anybody have any experience with Mac OS X Beta? I can't try this one out myself, since I don't have the machine anymore.

LinuxPPC works without any modifications on my G3-upgraded Performa 6400. Mac OS X Server wouldn't boot on the machine, though. Anybody know if I'll be wasting my time (and money) if I get the Beta? Maybe I should just experiment with Darwin.

By the way, does anybody know if Darwin is currently in sync with what Apple's releasing with the Beta?

As far as USB cards go, I have no idea whether they will work, but its 50/50. I know there's some kind of spec that "good" USB cards are supposed to implement. That's why you can use Apple USB extensions with a lot of generic USB cards out there. If MOSX has support for this spec, we should be able to use our USB cards. If not, oh well...
I'm going to try to install OS X on my upgraded PowerMac 9600 (XLR8 CarrierZif™ G3/400 MHz). But I'm not sure it will work... luckily I have a PowerBook G3 (firewire) so it's not waste of money to have order the beta.

I will let you guys know how things go with the PowerMac... and I will probably also have some questions if things doesn't work.

Gawd, I can't wait to mess around with OS X... I bet I'll be able to crash the machine! :D