what manufacturer combo drive?


I just bought a Samsung CD-RW/DVD-ROM combo drive, and the tray is just a hair too big to fit out the hole in the quicksilver smoothly. i have to get one that will work with this machine... any suggestions? can you tell me who makesthe one that apple puts in their machines at the factory?

if you have one, you can just check in apple system profiler for me... thanks
hey! i know someone here has a combo drive. can you please check your apple system profiler and tell me who makes it?
I don't have a quicksilver nor a sony to test any of this with, but from what I heard from an apple rep back when iTunes first came out, the majority of internal drives that were installed were sony. When I asked about combo drives and recommendations, he said toshiba.

I have an internal combo drive in my G4 gigabit model and the drive works flawlessly. There is no trouble with the bezel sticking out in my model, but again I can't confirm this on a quicksilver.

If you would like to search; I would recommend www.xlr8yourmac.com and check their CD/CDRW/DVD Drive Database and check to see if others have been successful.