What minimize effect do you prefer?

What minimize effect do you prefer?

  • "Genie"

  • "Scale"

  • The other one...

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Different, I think...
I use "scale", since "genie" doesn't work very well when you have the dock on the right side of the screen.
i almost consider this an unfair poll, but this may only include me, myself, and Irene. I like the Genie effect better, but the scale actually works better on my machine, so thats the only reason i havnt voted yet (i wonder if this will be similair when i turn 18 ;) )
i prefer the other one. the none at all. needs to make it like windows. it just disappears when you min it. i hate all this animation crap apple made for os x. it's nice once but after it is stupid. slows down the compuer.
Uoba ,i hear ya. I Love Genie and everyone is amazed with it. As with windows, I love the animation thing, and every little bit that is different is even better. I hate windows. Mac OS X is a googol times better than i ever will be. Well i gotta go bell about to ring..
Genie is prettier, no doubt, but scale is what I use. It's much faster. I'd like to see something like the POOF effect used when removing items from the dock. I probably wouldn't use it much, but it would be cool to see. :)