What % of you time do you spend in OS X

What % of time do you spend in OS X and OS 9

  • OS X 100% - I can do all my work here

  • OS X 95% - Only 1 thing I can only do in OS 9

  • OS X 75% / OS 9 25% - Just a few things require OS 9

  • OS X 50% / OS 9 50% - It's a split

  • OS X 25% / OS 9 75% - Still doing most stuff under OS 9

  • OS X 5% / OS 9 95% - Only dabbling ins OS X

  • OS X 0% / OS 9 100% - Just can't tear away from OS 9

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The poll asking what OS you use seemed to be too black and white for me. The question is what % of my work can I do in OS X vs OS 9.

I'd really like to hear the reasons that people find themselved needing to reboot back into OS 9 (or Linux or whatever else you use).

In my case I have 2 resons to boot back into OS 9:

1) I'm doing some video editing work in Final Cut and it is neither a Carbon app nor can it digitize when running under Classic

2) To connect to my work we are using a Cisco 5000 VPN, and so far we have not been able to get this to work under OS X (Unfortunately the VPN guy is a WinDoze guy and has not been able to provide much assistance.)
To date, I only have to boot back to 9.1 for two things, using Entourage to read mail, it has messed up a few times with HTML mail, and to run GoLive 5.0, the point and shoot arrow drawing problem gets in the way of working fast under Classic. Everything else i do i have been able to run through Classic or to find an upgrade or temporary replacement from the Unix world. However, i have also been able to add a few new things to my work repetoire, including Perl scripting and learning PHP4.

I am a little curious about your Cisco problem, however. Especially given the prevelance of cisco software for the Unix platform. I personally have been beating down Watchguards door to port their Unix software over to OS X so I can pull the one PC I have out of my business network and dedicate it to games once again.. I'm having Ever-crack withdrawals.
Full time X. I am planning on removing the 9-only partition from my system soon.
Can't say that any of the poll options fit. I only use 9 for the rare DVD viewing, but I still do most web surfing and emailing at home on my Windows computer (it's still a bettter web surfing platform).

'Course I just got my Titanium after a few years of not having a Mac, so I don't have much software for it anymore, so there's another reason why I'm still using my Windows PC.

I must say though, I've never had so much fun doing nothing on a computer than I've had with X!


i gotta disagree with you about windows being a better serfing platform than macos 9 or X. i think that for once, Microsoft has the right stuff with IE 5.x on the macos platforms. mind you, i hate microsoft on principle, but i really like how ie5 looks and feels on the mac. i also use ie5 on NT at work, and i miss all the sidebar tools like the pop out favorites, history and scrapbook. scrapbook is the best thing. especially when i find info that i know i might need offline...

regarding the poll, i think that i'll only be going into full 9 mode to run some disk cleanup tools, like defragging my poor drive.

spike666: You got me. It's pretty arrogant of me to think that my qualifications for a browser are the same as others. Thus, there can be <u>no universal "best browser."</u>

In your case, you like the side bar and such while I never use them. So there's one difference in qualifications right there.

For the record, I prefer <em>web surfing</em> on Windows (with IE5.5) because it
<ul><li>Launches the fastest</li>
<li>Loads pages the fastest</li>
<li>Has the most complete and most accurate support for CSS1, CSS2, JavaScript, XML, XSL, and (X)HTML</li>
<li>Is the most forgiving of stupid HTML authors with bad code</li>
<li>Has the greatest number of browser enhancements (like the Google toolbar)</li>
<li>Gives each browser window its own presence in the task bar</li>

Of course, <u>I'd like to see all this change</u>, but for now this is how I'm stuck. I sure hope OmniWeb, for one, catches up soon. I really like them.

I'm in OS 9.1 now, on a G3 I've not got X installed on, if that's an indication...I like getting into, learning, etc. the in's & out's of osX, & I find it interesting; otherwise (if I've got things I've got to do) I'm in OS 9, or 9.1. Once in a while, if I'm at work, I've got an older beige G3 I've got OS 8.6 on, too...

I guess overall, lately, I'm on osX < 1/2 of the time. It'll grow once osX itself lets it, IMO.

One thing's certain: I'm not putting <strong>any</strong> new software on my computer unless it's at least Carbonized. I guess that means I won't be buying anything anytime soon in a store and will have to rely on shareware/freeware and the like.

I wonder if any companies are "rushing" to put OS X versions of their software out so they can be the first on the shelves. I dunno, sometimes I get the impression that no one is "rushing" to Mac software.