What PCI video card works with OS X?


I have G4 466 with Rage 128 Pro AGP. I like to add second PCI video card that is compatible with OS X. Anyone knows if RadeOn PCI, Voodoo 3/4/5, Rage Pro are compatible OS X?

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well, I have 2 ATI cards and they are flawless, except for the current OpenGL implementation. I'd say ATI is your best bet.

Also, I refuse to e-mail anyone, it feels too much like work.
My Voodoo 3 doesn't work with OSX because it wasn't supported by apple in the first place. I'm guessing the Voodoo 4's and 5's won't work either. The GeForce 3, doesn't work either.
Thanks for all your replies. I bought RadeOn for Mac. It's compatible with OS X but it doesn't allow OS X to put Mac to sleep.

I think it's something to do with PCI video cards on OS X. I tried my old PC Voodoo 2 to see if it works, and OS X also doesn't want to sleep.

At least it's compatible.
My radeon can put my computer under OSX to sleep and from sleep just fine (wakes up in a jiffy too ;-)
I neither know nor care why my computer won't go to sleep, I just thought I'd try it. Perhaps it's one of my video cards, or my scsi card, or my other ethernet card ... my computer sleeps in 9, just not in X.

That's OK though, it acts as a router for a handful of other computers, so I never want it to sleep, I only want it to shut off the monitor. :)
Anyone knows what can cause OS X not able to go to sleep?

Is there's specific driver for RadeOn Mac PCI? ATI said the only driver for OS X is the one shipped with it.
I think factory installed AGP uses different driver or runs in OS X "native" mode. If you go to ATI driver's page, it askes if you have factory video card, or retail video card. That usually because Apple uses different driver on their factory video card.

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My 'puter came with the redeon preinstalled in the AGP slot.
I have a Voodoo 3 PCI card in addition to the ATI Rage card that came with the machine. It works without any problems, except from being a little slow when moving windows around etc. (because of the lack of 3dfx drivers, and I guess there will be none in the future also)
In what machine do you have the voodoo3?

I tried to boot osx with my g3 266 with the voodoo3 card and it would not boot.

Works fine with the rage II card in it... and its measly 6mb of vram.

I got Mac OS X to install on my PowerMac 7600 using some modified kernel extensions. My third party USB PCI card, Asante 10/100 PCI card and PowerForce G3 upgrade work fine (with some drivers downloaded from the manufacturers web sites).

Unfortunately, Mac OS X will fail to boot on this machine if my ATI Rage Orion PCI card is installed, and ATI has no drivers for it available for download. Anyone know anyone who has been able to get one of these beasts to work with Mac OS X?