What the heck is this??????????


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My MacBook Air (late 2011 model) was working fine like it always does, then all of a sudden everything froze and multi-colored, horizontal lines were running through my screen and flashing like crazy. Nothing would work. Everything froze. Just the flashing, buzzing lines. I had to hold down the power button and shutdown. When I turned it back on, everything was back to normal and working fine like nothing ever happened. WTH???

Anyone have any idea what this was or what could have caused it? I wasn't running any heavy apps when it happened, just browsing the Internet.
Start with This.

The primary concern is to protect your data. After that, one can sort out what is up with your computer.

So long as you are able to "boot" from your installation disk or something else, you can "see" your data and make sure it is safe.