What to call "them"...

What should we call "them"?

  • Macintel - MacIntel

  • intel Mac - Intel Mac

  • MacX86 - Mac/X86 - Mac-X86

  • Mactel

  • intelliMac - IntelliMac

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Shit, i posted in the wrong thread then sorry lol. But personally those names just dont catch on. I think just intel macs then.


fryke said:
Please _read_ what this thread is about. It's not about the product name, it's about how we talk about them so we can differentiate. Sure, I can just talk about "Macs", but how would you know that my specific question is about one using intel's processor. Currently, people are using many different names, that's why I wanted the poll. So we can 'agree' on one.
Looks like little'ol'me slightly "missed the point" too.
Thought I better quote the above - again...


I find it hard to decide. But remembering coversations I had with friends about the topic, I always refered to the machines as Intel Macs.


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Read before posting, please. You angry?


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You all guys are make no sense for changing different name. Because Mac going to use Intel? Oh come on! What about different chips ATI, PIONEER, USB, and more that Apple use their chip on logic board. Macintelatipionner. Oh please. Bottom line that Mac is Mac. Apple always using many chips from different companies such as rams, ata, usb, pci bridge, video and whatever. That where it come from off the shevles to make best machine for Mac.


How aobut we just keep it simple??

iMac Mini

i refering to the Intel Inside, and using the current names...nice and simple


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Is it my imagination? or are people just NOT getting this?

We know it's a Mac, a Mac is a Mac, ok, move on.
We're not talking about individual products or systems, ok, move on.

We ARE asking what people call the Intel based Macs when referring to them in conversation etc. i.e. "Intel Mac"

We KNOW THEY ARE MACS! But we are talking about when we refer SPECIFICALLY to Intel ones rather than all Macs, i.e. when talking about technical points, then we HAVE to have a distinct name.

Like 68k Macs for example.



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jzdziarski, you're not making any sense, what makes you think that a machine which won't even surface until probably 2007 is going to be so bad, also READ what the thread is about. If you want to have a go about the Intel move, there are a number of threads about that, God knows, I've vented my rage about it. This thread is not the place though.


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A friend of mine has just said that since they look like they are going to be PCs with maybe DRM, the term ApplePC or MacPC would be apt.

brrrrr... That's MY optimism killed!
Personally I'd prefer to call them Mactels. To fit in with Wintels


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fjdouse said:
I was looking at it from a techie point of view, seems to be a common way of doing it. How to pronounce the slash? You dont ;-)

If we are talking about user-level decriptions then:

Intel Mac

seems logical, things like Macintel or Intellimac or whatever just don't sit right with me and reminds me of "Wintel" other things I'd rather forget.

what about I-Mac ?
X-tel ?
OX-tel ?


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But you didn't understand the question. All of your answers are not intended to name the "Mac with an intel processor" as opposed to the "Mac with a PowerPC processor", are they.

"Do you use a PPC Mac or an iMac?" See, doesn't work.