What to do when I get a power on tone & no video?


Ok, I hope this thread is in the right place to maximize being viewed by the people that can help.

My father's mac got dusted in a lightning storm, along with all his other electronics that was plugged in (TV's, VCR's, etc). So me being "macless" at the moment, I said, I would try to get it fixed. Since then he has received his insurance claim. So if I can salvage this, I might get a Mac again (even if it is an old one).

Model on bottom is M6498 + EMC 1991; 17" Monitor (measuring back);
I found on EveryMac specs that were close with (Model=M6498&EMC=1936).
It shows this as 800 MHz PowerPC 7445 (G4), NVIDIA GeForce4 video card (FAQ said was integrated).

So when I turn it on, I can hear the power on tone and hear hard drive moving off park to the boot track to read the drive. All sounds I would expect to hear when turning on the mac. I see no video on screen.

So I expect the power supply is good (first thing I thought would have been bad before turning on). I also noted reading some of the printing that the drive is an 80GB IDE, not the 60GB mentioned in the spec. I think the RAM said 512MB not the 256MB in the spec. So this unit may have been refurbished somewhere.

So I am concerned that if this has an integrated video on the motherboard (I see no other candidate), then I am probably screwed on this motherboard. So then I must go shopping for a new motherboard?

If anyone can direct me, I would appreciate it, as I am "pining" to use a Mac again. I also HATE Windows! I don't have the $$$ to go & buy a new one (as much as I want to).