What to do with OS 9 Documents folder?



I always asked me where a user in OS 9 can specify where the "Documents" folder should be located. I don't use this folder for my data, but some apps (AppleWorks, iTunes, Outlook) need (?) it for their user data. Now using OS X the most time, this folder in the root directory bothers me more and more... What do you do with this folder?

I have almost the same problem in OS X. I use my "Document" folder rather for temporary files like downloads etc. But there are always these iTunes and AppleWorks folder lying between my files. Why did Apple not banned these folders in the ~/Library folder. Any way to change this?

If you're going to use Mac OS 9 apps like iTunes, AppleWorks, or Microsoft Office either in Classic mode or by booting directly into OS 9, you should keep this folder. If you believe you will never use these programs again and you will only use OS X, you can trash the Documents folder. I would keep it since it contains important preferences for some apps, but OS X does not need or use it. You have your own Documents folder in your home directory.
It WOULD be nice if you could specify where this folder is located, but, alas, with Mac OS 9 you can't, unless you make an alias, but then that defeats the purpose.

With OS X it isn't that bad, but you still have to keep it inside your Users folder.

If you really want to be able to specify where all your folders are located, you can just make an alias to them from your Users folder, which is what I do.. it kind of litters your hard drive with aliases, but alas, that's how Mac OS X is set up.

It's not so bad when you get used to it, but you lose a certain amount of customization.