What ways can I connect my iPod to a car?


I already know about the cassette option.

What if the car doesn't have a cassette player? Is there any other way of plugging my iPod into the car and listening to it?
You could look into iTrip from griffin music will go through fm waves i.e. wirelessly

or if the autoradio as an aux input just need to get the right cable and plug it in
There are several models of FM transmitter available.

And you could always buy a new car stereo that has a direct iPod interface.
Check www.crutchfield.com for direct connection iPod options. There's an iPod link on the first page. I installed a system into my CD changer wiring that powers the iPod and is controlled from the factory stereo. It sounds awesome. Seems to apply to '96+ models, at least for BMWs.

Before I crashed it on my birthday, I had an AIWA CD Player that let me plug in my iPod directly into it. It was only $99 + installation at Circuit City. I would reccomend it for a cheap route. I have a new car now, and I have yet to explore iPod option...especially since my iPod died on me in January. But that's another long and irritating story...

Here it was: http://www.us.aiwa.com/default.asp?page=products&action=viewProduct&prod=38

I had iTrip before, but I found it to be a poor solution. The music didn't sound as good, I'd hated searching for a new frequency on trips, and it would die on me sometimes.
I use both the iTrip and another FM transmitter (the white one that plugs ino the lighter socket and the iPod slips into that) and they work really fine. I know they are 'agin the law here in the UK, but I understand that the authorities aren't really worried.

It's by far the simplest way around the situation.