It is what you get when you transmute an emerald, a ruby, a diamond , pure water and a CD with the Horadric cube of Diablo II using the formula of cosine of pi times teh arctangent of the radius of teh sun divided by the derivative of cos x squared sibtracting my age in seconds from it :p
If you multiply the number of posters to macosx.com by the average number of daily restroom breaks(12) then add the root of pi times the circumference of the suns eliptical orbit around the earth.... I get 1,231,095,943,203.4076423
Which is the cube of Admiral's age in seconds, therefore the two equations are in relation, therefore everyone must do the polka, drink strong beer, and get back on topic:p
Once you drink the beer, however, your restroom breaks increase from 12 to 42, creating a circular reference in the equation.

Golly gee, this physics stuff is HARD!
maybe not!

Fuck physics...is there anything it cant do ?
Piss that beer out
Damn I am not that old!
Shit... why did we even add it to the equation ? :confused:

What exactly are you looking for?

"What is it"?

It - this website - is about Mac OS X

Is that what you want?

If you want to know what it is, you can ask my girlfriend. she measured "it" once when I was asleep.